Corporate Solutions


Catering from fresh executives to senior management personnel and above, Corporate Image Consulting helps your company project a credible image that infuses trust and confidence in your customers and stakeholders, strengthening your businesses.

Savoir Faire offers an international module of Corporate Image Consulting that helps companies build a strong positive customer perception, enhancing business growth.

Effective Employee Training

Your employees are your brand ambassadors.

It is extremely essential that every employee of your organization projects the perfect image that enhances the company’s business. Sonia Pardesi’s powerful Corporate Image Consulting program conducts a Training Need Analysis (TNA) that helps assess the company’s training needs. She then offers customized workshops and group coaching that offers complete knowledge and guidelines to every participant that helps them create a great visual impression.

Savoir Faire lays special emphasis on corporate etiquette. This includes training participants in travel, dining, international etiquette, drafting emails, attending phone calls and behavior in meetings among several others.

Corporate Image Retainer

Savoir Faire’s services do not end with just one set of workshops and consulting services. We ensure that you retain your corporate image through constant enhancement consultation services and regular quality checks. As a Corporate Image Retainer, Savoir Faire assists you in maintaining employee standards and constantly enhancing the corporate image.

Individual Coaching Solutions

Savoir Faire offers tailor-made solutions for every individual participant. Under Sonia Pardesi’s expertise, we customize packages that involve exhaustive coaching and high level participation with demonstrations to suit the pre-requisites of an entity. This helps every individual of the organization – from the CEO to an entry-level executive – to appear credible and play the appropriate role that helps the organization achieve its goals with ease.

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Savoir Faire is sensitive about its client’s preferences and maintains utmost confidentiality about its clients and their consulting packages.