Individual Solutions

From high net worth individuals to CEOs, service professionals to celebrities, home makers and socialites, everyone wants to project the perfect image at every walk of life.

Savoir Faire has a range of customized solutions to help you Discover The Real You.


Individual Consulting

Make the most of Sonia Pardesi’s expertise in grooming, helping you Discover The Real You! Her one-on-one coaching covers a range of modules that train you in the art of discovering your talent and projecting it in the appropriate manner.

  • LIFESTYLE EVALUATION: Lifestyle plays a key role in shaping your personality. An unhealthy lifestyle automatically translates into projecting an unsavory image. Sonia’s powerful Image Consulting module for individual consulting effectively helps you plug the loopholes and better your image with ease.
  • PERSONAL STYLE EVALUATION: What works for your friend may simply be doing the disastrous for you. At Savoir Faire, learn to define your own style statement. Understand what colours suit your body shape, skin tone, eye colour and hair. Sonia’s keen eye for detail shall help you benefit with a clear understanding of the proper fit, fabric, styles and colours that bring out the best in you. Learn quick tips to shop to your benefit without compromising on fresh style and confidence.
  • BODY AND FACE SHAPE EVALUATION: Your body and face shape strongly determines what looks good on you. Understanding these factors will help you effectively select the best accessories, hair styles, the perfect make-up and clothes that help you exude confidence with ease.
  • COLOR EVALUATION: The combined tone of your skin, hair and eyes strongly influence what colors suit you best. At Savoir Faire, benefit from our expert evaluation that shall help you accurately understand the kind of colors that bring out the best in you!
  • WARDROBE EVALUATION: A well sorted wardrobe with clothes that meet your needs and work for you, not only brings in psychological satisfaction but is also easy on the pocket. Savoir Faire Image Consulting, will help you understand the clothes that work for you – what you could do with and what you could do without. By clustering clothes, our image consultant introduces you to the world of matching separates and creating a variety of different looks through groups of clothing.
  • GROOMING AND MAKE-UP: Looking good and being well groomed is a prime key in treading the path of success. Through her expertise, our image coach Sonia Pardesi helps you incorporate essentials to assist you in your personal styling – appropriate styling of hair, the right kind of clothing and accessories, or how to manage your skin.
  • ETIQUETTE AND BODY LANGUAGE: In today’s fast paced world with globalization having taken over, the interaction between different nationalities has become an everyday affair. It is extremely essential to display the right kind of etiquette, be it travel etiquette, dining etiquette or business etiquette for which one needs to know the apt body language for different situations, the right postures, gestures and facial expressions. Image Consultant Sonia Pardesi’s wide exposure has resulted in the formulation of a powerful module that shall help you easily learn international etiquette that will benefit you forever.
  • COMMUNICATION: Appropriate communication skills in every personal, professional and social situation is extremely important. At Savoir Faire, besides understanding personal styling and etiquette, you also have the opportunity to groom your communication skills that shall see you through the walk of fame.
  • PERSONAL SHOPPING AND STYLE: Choosing the right kind of clothes and accessories may be a daunting task for a few… At Savoir Faire, we help you choose appropriately, outfits that are in accordance with your body shape, personal color and those that would compliment every aspect of you without compromising on your budget – personal styling that shall bring out the best in you!

After a thorough analysis of the above, Savoir Faire takes you through the process of plugging the loopholes, linking broken chains and helping you truly Discover The Real You.

Individual Clinics

Understand your strengths and weaknesses and the best practices to convert your weaknesses to strengths through personalized programs that offer individual clinical expertise that cater to your very specific needs.

Personalized Workshops

Take your benefits of Image Consulting to the peak with Sonia Pardesi’s one-day workshops that help you create a powerful first impression by aiding you in projecting the perfect image. Understand the science and art of creating a lasting impression through her powerful workshops. Learn the guidelines that will become a gift for a lifetime.

Sonia takes keen interest in every participant at her workshops. With no more than a group of 10 persons permitted at each session, she offers individual attention and trains you to groom yourself to perfection. Every participant also benefits with a personalized session with Sonia within a fortnight of the workshop to ensure you are on the right track.

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Savoir Faire is sensitive about its client’s preferences and maintains utmost confidentiality about its clients and their consulting packages.